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How to properly manage fall arresters when they are idle and not in use

Time:2023-11-25 Click:185

Any machinery is not always in use, it depends on the actual operational needs and workload of the staff, and may have a certain period of idle time; Taking anti fall devices as an example, after a high-altitude work project is completed, the anti fall device may need to be idle for a certain period of time. How should the anti fall device be stored when it is not used for a long time?

We should be clear that not using a fall arrester does not mean it can be placed in one place without care. Before storage, corresponding cleaning work should be carried out. After wiping the fall arrester clean, lubricating oil should be used to isolate it from dust and air to prevent rust and corrosion. It is best to cover its surface with a layer of dust-proof and waterproof plastic cloth. Afterwards, regular inspections should be conducted and relevant maintenance records should be kept.

The above is the storage method for the anti fall device when it is idle for a long time. This not only helps to extend its service life, but also helps the anti fall device to remain efficient in the next use.





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