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The use of anti fall devices is prohibited in these three situations

Time:2023-11-25 14:36:46 Click:150

Fall arresters are safety protection equipment for high-altitude operations. The quality of fall arresters determines the safety of the lives of high-altitude workers. Once there are three situations with fall arresters, we do not recommend continuing to use them. Let's take a look below.

1. When the main component of the anti fall device is severely damaged and the load-bearing capacity of the safety rope is weak, it must be stopped from use;

2. During the trial pull, although the rope can be pulled out freely, when pulled out quickly, the self-locking device cannot lock the lowering system in time and must be scrapped; When the safety rope is released after being pulled out, it cannot be automatically retracted back into the anti fall device and must be stopped from use;

3. When the safety rope or steel wire rope of the anti fall device is severely twisted or detached, it must be scrapped. Anti fall devices that have been disassembled and modified are also strictly prohibited from use.

Whether it is the prosperity of the country or the rise of high-rise buildings in cities, it cannot be separated from the hard work of high-altitude workers in the construction industry. As their high-altitude protective equipment, fall arresters should follow the above "three no's" principle to ensure life safety.





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