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Do not purchase low-priced fall arresters

Time:2023-12-08 Click:109

We often say that good quality is cheap, and we also say that you get what you pay for. Good goods are not cheap, and cheap goods are not good. If you are tempted by a high-altitude anti fall device priced as low as 341, please think twice and carefully consider its safety performance, service life, after-sales support, and other issues. Because the price of the anti fall device is too cheap to use.

These high-altitude anti fall devices are mostly produced by small folk workshops, which use low-priced and low-quality production raw materials, and then undergo simple mechanical processing to produce products with a similar appearance to genuine products. The price is much lower than other products of the same type, but there is no safety guarantee, and the failure rate is high. This type of anti fall device cannot be purchased.

However, it is not impossible to buy good products at a cheaper price. If you want to buy high-end high-altitude fall arresters at a cheaper price, you should pay attention to the promotional activities of big brands and manufacturers, because these manufacturers often do some promotional activities to increase profits and sales, and the price should be slightly lower than usual.





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