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Function of nylon rope of fall arrester

Time:2023-01-14 Click:130

What is the function of nylon rope on the differential fall arrester

One of the reasons is that nylon rope has high firmness, strong bearing capacity, high wear resistance, high chemical resistance and good deformation resistance.

The second is that nylon rope can protect human body more than steel wire rope, and will not wear external objects and human body. Because when we wear the speed difference fall arrester, the human body needs to move left and right constantly, and the rope parts on the fall arrester will also swing left and right together. The steel wire rope is relatively rigid. When it swings left and right continuously, the steel wire rope may break, while the flexible cotton rope will not be affected at all, Although it doesn't matter if the cotton rope shows signs of wear, just install a protective sleeve for the safety rope to avoid wear.

Thirdly, the nylon rope is not conductive. Relatively speaking, the wire rope is prone to the risk of electric shock.





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