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The origin of the name of the differential fall arrester

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After ropes, safety ropes and safety belts, people have invented and manufactured fall arresters. From the promotion and sales of fall arresters in recent years, it can be seen that fall arresters have indeed played a role in preventing falls. However, people have different names for this protective device with covers, wire ropes, hooks and other devices, such as safety fall arresters, speed differential fall arresters, high altitude fall arresters, human body fall arresters, protectors, etc.

Why is the speed differential fall arrester also known as the safety fall arrester

From these names, we can see that the nickname of differential speed fall arrester is mainly based on three key words: one is fall prevention, one is safety, and the other is differential speed.

Fall prevention comes from the function of the fall arrest device itself. When the operator wears the fall arrest device on the basis of wearing the safety belt, it can reduce the falling distance while preventing himself from falling from high altitude, and cushion the injury to human organs caused by the rapid fall from high altitude;

Safety comes from the function of the fall arrest device itself. When the fall arrest device recognizes the falling situation, it can prevent the human body from falling from high altitude;

The speed difference comes from the locking mechanism of the fall arrester itself, which reflects quickly. It uses the speed change caused by sudden fall to "activate" the self-locking system by centrifugal force to lock the wire rope, thus achieving the effect of preventing the wearer from falling from height.

Therefore, the speed differential fall arrester can be called as safety fall arrester, speed differential automatic controller, etc.





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