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What are the potential safety hazards of inferior fall arresters

Time:2023-02-23 Click:198

At present, there are many brands of fall arresters on the market, and some of them are mixed with inferior products. So when you choose, you must keep your eyes open and avoid buying inferior products. Otherwise, it will bring safety hazards to your life. What kind of safety hazards do inferior fall arresters generally have?

Generally, inferior fall arresters are used fall arresters that are refurbished and sold again. The fall arresters that have already reached the scrapping standard are refurbished and transformed. Although they look like new fall arresters, their internal parts are no longer usable and cannot play a role of safety protection.

High-altitude operators are prone to the phenomenon that the rope can not be freely retracted or can not be quickly braked and locked in the process of use, which eventually leads to the occurrence of high-altitude falling accidents. Therefore, we must reject inferior fall arresters and cherish life.





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