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What are the daily inspections for fall arresters

Time:2023-06-08 Click:135

Never procrastinate when doing things. As the saying goes, it's best to handle any issues as soon as possible, especially the daily inspection of fall arresters. So what are the daily inspection items for fall arresters?

① Check the safety rope for excessive wear, cracks, and compliance with its load capacity and safety standards.

② The condition of the braking system, the function of the braking system is to timely lock the key parts in case of a fall accident. Its operation is directly related to human safety. We not only need to inspect it in a timely manner, but also need to conduct detailed inspections;

③ Check the cleanliness of the anti fall device. If there is too much dust deposition inside the anti fall device, it will increase its wear and tear, affecting its work efficiency and safety in use;

We need to take the daily inspection of fall arresters seriously, not delay them, ignore their importance, and avoid irreparable failures and accidents that may lead to regret.





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