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If these situations exist with the fall arrester, it is not recommended to purchase it

Time:2023-06-08 Click:131

At present, there are many types of fall arresters, but not all fall arresters can ensure the safety of high-altitude workers. Today, we mainly talk about which type of fall arrester is not recommended for purchase, hoping to help everyone.

① Firstly, the three no fall arrest device cannot be purchased. A high-quality fall arrest device must have a certificate of conformity, instructions, and directional markings. These books and the most basic safety guarantees are necessary. If you don't even have these, then you need to be cautious.

② Fall arresters with a production date of more than three years cannot be purchased, even if they have not been used after leaving the factory. However, after long-term storage, the metal properties will also decrease, and there may be rusting of the parts.

③ The extremely cheap fall arresters need to be cautious. Currently, the market for fall arresters is relatively mature, and there is almost no price war to seize the market. However, exceptionally cheap fall arresters are likely to have quality issues.

If you encounter any of the above situations during the process of purchasing anti fall devices, you must be cautious and not careless, as anti fall devices are closely related to our life safety.





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