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Advantages of Ribbon Type Fall Arrest

Time:2023-05-22 Click:189

Firstly, it is lightweight. Compared to the aluminum alloy casing used for steel wire ropes, the steel wire rope type safety rope has a heavy weight. The webbing type fall arrester adopts a high-strength reinforced nylon shell, ensuring quality. The safety rope uses Dinima's webbing, which has a breaking force of 1.3 tons. Compared to bulky steel wire rope fall arresters, webbing type fall arresters are much more convenient to carry and use.

Secondly, it has a wide range of uses. The advantage of ribbon type fall arresters that cannot be compared to wire rope fall arresters is that they use insulated webbing, making them very suitable for the field of electric power operations.

Thirdly, the appearance is beautiful. The streamline and beautiful shell adopted by the webbing fall arrester is more attractive than the steel wire rope fall arrester in appearance.

The fourth is excellent quality. With the continuous improvement of technology, there are many "blocking points" that hinder the development of ribbon type fall arresters in the past. With the continuous innovation of materials, they are being greatly improved. At the same time, the protective performance can also be equivalent to that of a wire rope fall arrester.





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