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How do tower crane drivers use fall arresters

Time:2023-05-22 Click:110

The tower crane driver needs to fasten the safety belt before getting on the tower crane, and then hook the safety belt rope hook into the anti fall device lock hook before climbing.

The steel wire rope of the fall arrester follows the height of the tower crane driver and automatically recovers, ensuring that the tower crane driver is always within the effective protection range of the fall arrester. After climbing to the operating platform, the tower crane driver takes off the safety belt hook, puts the safety belt into the driver's cab, puts on the safety belt at work, and after hanging the fall arrester hook, slowly descends along the ladder to the ground. At this time, the safety belt hook is removed, Hang the anti fall device hook onto the pre bound object at the foundation of the tower crane for the next use.

The tower crane driver needs to wear a fall arrest device for protection throughout the process of inspecting and tightening the tower crane bolts.





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