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How to Detect Chinese Fall Arrest Devices

Time:2023-04-24 Click:130

The speed difference anti fall device is a safety protection tool for high-altitude operations, which relies on the engagement and self-locking of the ratchet and pawl to complete the braking and braking, thereby ensuring the safety of high-altitude fall victims. The working principle is the same as the safety belt on a car.

Before using the anti fall device, the safety rope and appearance should be inspected, and the lock should be tried 2-3 times (lock test method: the safety rope should be pulled out at a normal speed and make a "click" or "click" sound; the safety rope should be pulled hard and can be locked. When releasing, the safety rope should be automatically retracted into the device. If the safety rope is not fully retracted, just slightly pull out some safety ropes). Stop using if there are any abnormalities.





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