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Be sure to wear a fall protector during high altitude welding work

Time:2023-03-21 Click:167

Some high-rise buildings under construction often involve welding operations, which inherently erode human patience and pose certain safety hazards. However, welding at heights poses greater risks than ordinary welding, so it is important to do a good job of personal safety protection.

Workers usually conduct welding operations at heights of tens or even hundreds of meters, and their risk factors skyrocket. Therefore, it is necessary to equip sufficient safety protection equipment. In addition to wearing protective masks to protect their eyes, it is more important to wear fall arresters to avoid accidents from high altitude.

The fall arrester adopts the self-locking principle of ratchet and pawl engagement. In the event of a slip, the fall arrester can instantly complete self-locking, ensuring the safety of welding personnel. These safety protection devices protect the lives of high-altitude operators, who are also silently contributing to the world.





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