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The detection of wire rope of fall arrester is very important

Time:2023-02-01 Click:171

The self-locking detection of the fall arrester before use is very important. When a fall accident occurs, the self-locking system of the fall arrester is the key part to save lives. Don't rush to use it after ensuring that there is no problem with the self-locking detection. Also, check the wire rope part of the fall arrester. The wire rope is the traction part connected with the human body, which plays an equally important role.

The detection of the wire rope of the fall arrest device is mainly to observe whether the wire rope is broken, rusted or kinked. If it is, it must be replaced with a new wire rope. This is because when the wire rope is kinked, it may not be able to retract normally or expand freely with the movement of the human body after being ejected. If cracks occur, the bearing capacity will be greatly reduced, and it is easy to break during use, affecting the safety protection function of the equipment.

This is the detection content of the wire rope of the fall arrester. Only by ensuring that each part is intact, can the fall arrester truly become the protector of high-altitude operators.





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