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Self Retracting Lifeline

Wire rope Self Retracting Lifeline 13 Meter Fall arrester

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Wire rope Self Retracting Lifeline 13 Meter Fall arrester

The anti-fall system can guarantee the safety of high altitude personnel

G-J-13 Self Retracting Lifeline

Sealed-Blok Self Retracting Lifeline with Galvanized Steel Wire Rope

In the event of a fall, the drum is locked by two pawls which engage in a ratchet wheel under the effect of the centrifugal force caused by the acceleration of the falling mass attached to the wire rope.

China Guanhang Machinery specializes in the production of Fall arrester, anti-fall system and personal safety belt, rescue tripod, lifting tripod.Our products are sold well in more than 100 countries in the world, and the factory machines are fully equipped to support customization.


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