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How to Understand the Five Year Service Life of Fall Arrestors

Time:2023-11-07 Click:179

Fall arresters have a lifespan, usually five years, and are forcibly scrapped. This is a mandatory regulation for the safety of operators, so how do we understand this five-year period?

Five years of mandatory scrapping does not necessarily mean a service life of five years, as it involves the issue of loss of the fall arrester caused by a certain frequency of use. If the frequency of use of the fall arrester is too high and the loss is severe, then its service life is difficult to reach five years. Perhaps it has been consumed for one or two years, and the standard of measurement is the annual inspection of the fall arrester.

If the frequency of use of the fall arrester is extremely low or even useless after five years, is it unnecessary to scrap it? The answer is no, the five-year mandatory scrapping standard is based on the premise that the fall arrester is still undamaged, which includes the clause that it has not been used, so it needs to be scrapped as long as the service life is reached.

From this, it can be seen that the anti fall device must be scrapped after reaching a five-year deadline, regardless of its current status, which is also for the safety of every high-altitude operator.





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