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What is the impact of inferior fall arresters on safety

Time:2023-10-24 Click:103

As is well known, the function of fall arresters is to protect the safety of users. Nowadays, various types of equipment on the market make construction workers dizzy when purchasing. When they are unable to choose, some people will purchase according to the price, and generally choose relatively cheap products.

But the saying 'good things are not cheap' is not a casual statement. In order to increase its safety performance, the manufacturing of fall arresters requires the use of high-quality steel, and the traction rope is also made of aviation grade steel wire rope. The cost of these two points alone is not much lower, and it can be imagined how inferior the quality of cheap fall arresters is. The use of low-quality fall arresters may result in insufficient traction and the possibility of rope breakage. Even if the rope is not faulty, the internal self-locking device can be damaged. Without proper protection during a fall, it is light to waste money, and causing tragedy is the most tragic.

The low-quality fall arresters on the market have no advantages in terms of performance or guarantee, except for their price advantage. Moreover, the overall lifespan of the equipment is not very long. So when purchasing anti fall devices, everyone must not only look at the price, but choose carefully.





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