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Interpretation of the Five Year Service Life of Fall Arrestors

Time:2023-05-19 Click:140

High quality fall arresters generally have a five-year service life, but it does not necessarily mean that they can be used for five years, because the so-called five-year service life of fall arresters has a prior condition, which is that they are under good maintenance and proper use.

If the anti fall device frequently experiences wind, sun, bumps, and bumps, it will soon develop serious rust. This usage condition can't last for even half a year, let alone five years. Furthermore, if the frequency of use of the fall arrester is too high, it will accelerate its wear and tear, resulting in a lifespan of less than five years.

Finally, it should be noted that the idle state of the fall arrester also has a limit on its lifespan. This means that even if your fall arrester has not been used much since it was purchased, it should still be scrapped after five years. Do not expect to use it for a longer period of time, because as long as the metal is exposed to the air, its metal properties will decrease and wear and tear will always exist.





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