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Never choose a second-hand fall arrester

Time:2023-04-15 17:34:38 Click:133

Fall arresters are crucial for the safety of high-altitude workers, and their importance is self-evident. Some items can be second-hand, but do not choose second-hand fall arresters, otherwise you will be in a very dangerous situation. Below, we will discuss the reasons why you cannot choose second-hand fall arresters.

Firstly, since it is a second-hand fall arrester, it indicates that it has been in use for a long time, so the degree of wear of each component is bound to reduce the safety factor of the entire machine.

Secondly, in general, a reasonable use of a fall arrester has a validity period of approximately 5 years. It is recommended to replace it when the service life reaches 5 years. Even if the maintenance is good, the metal is in a process of performance degradation. So you cannot truly understand the previous usage of second-hand fall arresters.

Thirdly, if an accident occurs when using a second-hand fall arrester, contacting the manufacturer can sometimes become a major issue, as you did not buy the arrester yourself from the manufacturer, so all risks may be borne by yourself.

Never take chances just for the sake of being cheap, and never covet cheap equipment related to life safety.





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