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Fall Arrester

Fall Arrester & Safe lifelines| Fall Protection Equipment

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Fall Arrester & Safe lifelines with Shock Pack

Guanhang 100kg 2.5Meter High altitude safety fall prevention system

Serial numberChina Guan hang Machinery
Maximum working length//        M2.5 Meter
ShellReinforced nylon
Connecting ropeWebbing
Maximum working load//        KG100 KG
Overall failure load//        KN>12
Falling distance//        M1.2 Meter
Impact force//        KN3.5 kN
Internal deviceBuilt out buffer
Safety hookAlloy steel forged O-shaped self-locking hook.

Product Intro

The safety protection tool for high-altitude operation of the Crown Airlines, the anti-fall device is a novel safety protection tool suitable for high-altitude workers to prevent falling from high places.

Technical parameter

1, the effective length is 2.5 meters;

2, the product weight is (KG) 1.5

3, impact test load: 100KG;

4, static load: ≥15KN;

5, dynamic load: impact force < 6KN, sliding distance < 2m.

6. With Built out buffer for Enhanced security

Guanhang Machinery professional productivity high air fall prevention equipment "Fall Arrester", approved by the relevant departments of China labor protection equipment safety mark certificate, G-J series high air fall prevention "speed difference automatic control device" in line with the national standard GB24544-2009 requirements, It also meets the requirements of the power industry standard DL/T1147-2009 "Power height operation anti-fall device", and through the People's Insurance Company of China product quality liability insurance.


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