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Fall Arrester

Guanhang Z-J-3 Aluminium Alloy Fall Arrest for High work

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Guanhang Z-J-3 100kg 3 Meter Aluminium Alloy Fall Arrest for High work

Serial numberGuanhang-100KG-3M
Maximum working length
3 Meter
ShellAluminium alloy
Connecting ropeWebbing
Maximum working load
Overall failure load
Falling distance
Impact force
Locking structure3sets of independent locking structure
Internal deviceBuilt in buffer
Safety hook360 degree rotation drop indication


1, the effective length is 3m(Support customization)

2, the product weight is (KG) 1.9

3, impact test load: 100KG;

4, static load: ≥15KN;

5, dynamic load: impact force < 6KN, sliding distance < 2m.


1、Shell made of reinforced nylon, high strength.

2、Internal design buffer device, effectively reduce the impact force

3、3 separate locking mechanisms

4、Imported stainless steel spring, long service life.

5、The safety hook can rotate 360° and is equipped with fall indication.

Working principle

1. The product is controlled by the speed difference of the object falling, the product is high hanging and low use. When used, you only need to cross the nylon rope over the structure with strong blunt edge above, fasten the safety hook to the suspension ring, suspend the speed difference automatic controller above the user, and hook the safety hook on the safety rope into the half ring on the safety belt, which can be used. It is not necessary to change the suspension position frequently.

2. Under the action of the internal mechanism, the safety rope has been in a semi-tense state, and the user can work easily and unattached. Once the human body falls, the pulling speed of the safety rope is accelerated, the internal control system automatically locks the safety rope immediately, so that the fall distance of the safety rope is short, the impact is small, and the human body is almost harmless. Once the load is lifted, the safety rope can return to normal work, and the safety rope is automatically recovered to the device after the work is completed, which is easy to carry.


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