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What is the purpose of using a high hanging and low hanging anti fall device

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There is a clear rule in the use of anti fall devices, which is to hang them high and use them low. The so-called high hanging and low use means that the suspension fixing point of the anti fall device should be used above itself, whether climbing up or down. So, what is the purpose of high hanging and low use of anti fall devices?

The purpose of using a high hanging low anti fall device is to trigger its internal self-locking system in a very short period of time in the event of a fall accident, thereby avoiding the generation of significant impact force. At the same time, it is also to prevent the person who falls from the device from maintaining a relatively stable state after completing self-locking. If the anti fall device does not choose to use high hanging low, there will be great safety hazards after the fall occurs.

If the suspension point of the anti fall device is not above us, but is fixed below us, then when a fall occurs, the anti fall device will fall a certain distance before it can receive the impact force. At this time, the impact force will increase with the increase of the falling distance. At the moment of self-locking, this impact force is very likely to cause harm to the human body, thus losing the protective effect that the anti fall device should have. Therefore, it is necessary to hang the anti fall device high and use it low.





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