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Regular inspection of the wire rope of the anti fall device is important

Time:2024-07-08 09:54:36 Click:196

The steel wire rope part is a very important part of the anti fall device as a whole. It is directly connected to high-altitude workers and affects the safety of operations. Therefore, anti fall devices have always had a very important inspection process, which is to regularly inspect the quality of the steel wire rope. So, what are the inspection aspects?

Firstly, observe whether the steel wire rope has obvious signs of wear, breakage, rust, or deformation. Special attention should be paid to the contact areas between the rope, connectors, shock absorbers, and other parts, which are often the most severely worn areas.

Secondly, ensure that the steel wire rope is not twisted or loose, which may affect its load-bearing capacity and safety.

Thirdly, check whether the rebound performance of the steel wire rope is good by gently stretching and releasing it. If the steel wire rope loses elasticity or becomes stiff, it may indicate that its internal structure has been damaged.

Fourthly, different fall arresters and wire ropes may require different inspection frequencies and methods, and regular inspections and maintenance should be strictly carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's user manual.

Regular scientific inspection of the wire rope of the anti fall device is an important measure to ensure the safety of high-altitude workers. Any discovered issues should be promptly addressed or replaced to prevent potential safety risks.





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