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A Brief Discussion on the Protective Ability of Polypropylene Cover for Fall Arresters

Time:2024-07-01 11:38:47 Click:126

At present, more and more fall arresters adopt a double shell design. Double shell fall arresters generally use an aluminum alloy inner shell and a polypropylene outer shell. The advantage of these types of fall arresters lies in their anti impact ability, because polypropylene material can play a good buffering effect during the impact process. In addition, the protective performance of polypropylene material is also important. Let's take a look at the protective performance of polypropylene shells.

Propylene material itself has the ability to resist chemical corrosion, and polypropylene has high corrosion resistance to many chemical substances, including acids, alkalis, solvents, and various salts. It can resist the erosion of common corrosive substances, thereby protecting internal objects from corrosion.

Acid and alkaline resistance of polypropylene shell: Polypropylene exhibits good stability in acidic and alkaline environments. It has high stability for neutral and weak acid-base solutions and can withstand the erosion of many common acids and bases. However, strong acids and bases may cause certain corrosion to polypropylene.

The good barrier performance of polypropylene casing can effectively prevent the penetration of external gas and water, thereby reducing corrosion and damage to internal objects. Avoiding corrosion and rusting of internal components.

This is the powerful protective performance of the polypropylene shell anti fall device, and it is precisely this material that constantly guards the internal components of the anti fall device. If you want to learn more about polypropylene Fall arrester , please feel free to follow us at any time.


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