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How to support and fix the rescue tripod

Time:2024-07-01 11:34:50 Click:191

The rescue tripod is made of high-strength lightweight alloy with stretchable support legs, which are easy to install and operate. The feet are also equipped with a ring shaped protective chain, with a high safety factor and wide application.

Adjust the tripod to the appropriate height according to the rescue height and ensure it is stable and secure. Install cables, winches, and pulleys on the tripod to assist rescue personnel or those being rescued in ascending or descending. The self-locking anti fall brake is an important safety device to prevent accidental falls, and it needs to be correctly installed and checked for normal function. Wear a full body harness and connect the hooks of the harness to the safety hooks of the winch and anti fall brake to ensure personal safety. Control the lifting of the sling through manual winch operation, allowing rescue personnel to smoothly ascend or descend for rescue work.

Rescue tripods are usually made of high-strength lightweight alloys with good safety factors, and are equipped with specially made stainless steel wire ropes to ensure good flexibility and corrosion resistance.

The correct setting and use of the rescue tripod is crucial for ensuring the safety of high-altitude operations or rescue operations, and must be strictly followed according to the operating guidelines to prevent any potential safety accidents.





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