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Fall arresters must be worn for maintenance of steel framed bridges

Time:2022-11-21 Click:178

The materials used in modern bridges are mainly reinforced concrete and pure steel frames. The characteristics of steel framed bridges are that they are stable in structure. However, being exposed to the wind, the sun and the rain for a long time will inevitably have a great impact on the metal materials. Corrosion and rust are the inevitable fate of most metals, and steel framed bridges are no exception, so the maintenance of steel framed bridges is crucial.

The painting and rust prevention of steel frame bridges is a huge challenge for construction personnel. Why do you say so? Because most steel framed bridges are large in scale, with a bridge height of up to 100 meters, and the rust prevention work should be carried out from the guardrails on both sides of the bridge to the lower part of the bridge body, and the maintenance work on the steel framed bridges that cross the mountains or rivers is no less dangerous than the work at heights such as building body cleaning. Operators are not only facing the psychological pressure brought by high altitude, but also facing the danger brought by traffic all the time.

The fall arrester is the god of protection for bridge maintenance. The existence of the fall arrester can reduce the psychological pressure of workers to a certain extent. In case of accidental fall during the operation, the fall arrester can achieve self-locking in an instant and protect people's lives. Therefore, when carrying out maintenance work on the steel frame bridge, you must wear the fall arrester to minimize the risk.





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