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How long can the fall arrester be used

Time:2022-11-21 Click:190

Many people have no idea about the service life of the fall arresters. How long can the service life of the fall arresters ensure safety? Guanhang will give you an analysis on this issue.

If the use frequency is not very high, the service life of the fall arrester is generally about five years, but this five years must be based on friendly treatment of the fall arrester. However, in this midway, we must always check the fall arrester to minimize the risk factor.

Strictly speaking, inspection shall be carried out before each use of the fall arrester, including the inspection of the shell of the fall arrester to check whether there is deformation, damage and crack, followed by tensile test to ensure that the self-locking system of the fall arrester is free of any problems before use. In addition to testing the fall arresters before each use, a formal load test should be carried out every year to ensure that the fall arresters do not have problems.

Therefore, there is no absolute service life of the fall arrestor. More importantly, people need to maintain it to maximize its service life.





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