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How about the quality of gear of Guanhang anti falling device

Time:2022-11-19 Click:126

The most typical part of the fall arrester is naturally a self-locking device, and gears play an important role in the self-locking device of the fall arrester.

In the case of accidental fall of high-altitude operators, the fall arresters rely on the engagement of gears and pawls to achieve self-locking. Therefore, the requirements for gear materials of fall arresters are also very important. What kind of materials are used for general fall arresters to ensure safety?

The gears of the fall arresters are mostly made of alloy carburized steel. The hardness of such steel is much higher than that of ordinary steel. Under the natural environment, the fall arresters made of ordinary steel are easy to rust and corrode due to the oxidation of air and the corrosion of external chemicals, which is different after carburizing.

After the special carburizing treatment, the corrosion resistance of the Guanhang anti falling device has also been significantly improved, and its toughness is full. The wear resistance and impact resistance are also at a good level, which ensures the safety of the brake system of the anti falling device under the condition of mechanical engagement.





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