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Difference between fall arrester and safety belt

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Difference between fall arrester and safety belt:

1. Different application heights

The application height of the fall arrester is the height of the construction personnel plus the length of the fall arrester, while the safety belt has a fixed length, which is generally 2 meters in China and shorter overseas.

2. The scope of activities is different

The scope of activities of fall arresters is generally free within the range of 20 meters or 15 meters of semi longitude, while the safety belt can be adjusted at any time and anywhere according to the work task regulations, and its scope of activities is much larger than that of fall arresters.

3. Different application methods

The fall arrestor must be applied together with the safety shoulder belt, and the safety belt can be applied immediately without any other safety protection equipment.

4. Different bearing capacity dimensions

As far as the carrying capacity is concerned, the fall arresters are much larger than the safety belts, because the specifications and models of these two categories of goods are different, and no actual data comparison is made, you can refer to the instructions for the use of these two categories of goods.

5. The provisions of the tiedown point are different

Both fall arresters and safety belts must have a stable attachment point, and the difference depends on that the attachment points of fall arresters are unified, while the relativity of the attachment points of safety belts will be much more convenient.





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