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Dust free storage is very important for fall arresters

Time:2022-10-18 Click:118

The bad environment has a very serious impact on the fall arrester, especially some dust impurities. Once the fall arrester is attacked by these dust impurities for a long time, it will inevitably affect the smooth operation of the internal components, which will have a serious impact on the personal safety of high-altitude operations.

In the construction site, there is a lot of dust. Although the dust-proof net can prevent dust from flying, it cannot fully ensure that the dust will not float in the air. Once the strong wind blows, the dust will fly all over the sky, disperse with the wind, fall on the scaffold, tower crane, and also fall on the high-altitude fall arrester worn by high-altitude workers.

The dust falling on the safety rope of the fall arrester will affect the appearance of the safety rope, increase the difficulty of cleaning, accelerate the wear and scrap speed of the safety rope. When it falls around the crash pad, if it is not cleaned for a long time, the outlet will be blocked, affecting the extension speed of the wire rope.

Therefore, we should not put the high-altitude fall arrester in the place with too much dust. After use, we should clean the dust in time and store it in a dust-free environment.





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