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How to deal with scrapped fall arresters

Time:2022-10-18 Click:172

The fall arresters will be scrapped when they are used for a long time. When they are scrapped, they can no longer be used, or they will bring great risks to high-altitude operations.

What should we do with the discarded fall arresters? In fact, we should pay special attention to this point. Generally speaking, the scrapped safety protection tools should not only be known by ourselves, but also by everyone. Therefore, generally the scrapped fall arresters will be placed in the scrapped warehouse or marked.

If we don't pay attention to this problem and put the fall arrester on the safety work, it is easy for other staff to take the scrapped fall arrester by mistake, which will bring huge potential safety hazards. Therefore, we must pay attention to this point. Safety is not our own business, but everyone's business.

Of course, in order to avoid this kind of thing, users should also do a good job of safety inspection before choosing fall arresters. More inspection is more safety.





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