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The wearing position of the fall arrester is very important

Time:2023-09-12 Click:147

Fall arresters are essential protective equipment for high-altitude operations, which can effectively save lives in times of crisis. The safety of high-altitude operations is closely related to the quality of the fall arrester itself and external environmental factors. In addition, the wearing position of the fall arrester also affects the safety of high-altitude operations.

Fall arresters need to be used in conjunction with high-altitude safety belts to achieve maximum safety. High altitude work safety belts, also known as all-round safety belts, are generally made of orange colored polypropylene belts. The shape of the seat belt is a flat shape, which can effectively protect the human body. At the moment when the anti fall device is self-locking, the seat belt is tightly attached to the human body. Due to the large contact surface between the flat shape and the body, it will not cause any discomfort.

The suspension point of the fall arrest device safety rope on the body is the center position of the back, and the cross safety belt at the center of the back is equipped with a lifting ring, which connects the hook of the fall arrest device to the lifting ring of the safety belt. This position can maintain a comfortable posture after the fall self-locking, and allow people to have a forward view, move their hands to accommodate themselves, and rely on themselves to complete self rescue.





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