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Wearing fall arrest devices is essential for addressing safety hazards caused by natural disasters

Time:2023-07-22 Click:187

In recent years, the impact of typhoon, rainstorm and other bad weather has caused frequent falls of billboards and other external wall buildings above the city. Many people have experienced this "unexpected disaster", and in some streets, there has been no management for many years. Some light boards or billboards have been erected at random, which has caused certain safety hazards to pedestrians or vehicles below. Therefore, it is necessary to supervise and manage the urban facade.

The construction personnel will use fall arresters, aerial work vehicles and other equipment to remove the billboards erected in violation of regulations on the external wall, clean up the disordered wires, manually clean some damaged and bulging areas on the wall, and then repaint them. In the process of renovating the exterior facade, construction personnel need to climb to high places for work. In order to ensure their safety as much as possible, they are required to wear safety protection devices such as fall arresters and safety helmets, ensuring the beauty of the city while also protecting their life safety.

The exterior of the renovated street has taken on a new look, and merchants have also expressed that they have looked much cleaner and brighter overall, and believe that business will also become more prosperous.





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