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What is the cover of the fall arrester fixed with

Time:2023-06-19 Click:179

The components of the anti fall device include a polypropylene shell, an aluminum alloy inner shell, a double locking ratchet, a U-shaped lifting ring, sturdy screws, springs, self-locking hooks, steel wire ropes, double locking clips, etc. These components are all wrapped inside the cover, and the outer edge is firmly fixed by steel rivets. A single anti fall device is assembled.

Screws are also a fixed type of component, why choose steel rivets to fix the fall arrester cover instead of screws? Because the shell of the anti fall device is made of high-strength thermoplastic material injection molding, responsible for wrapping and protecting internal components. If the cover is not firmly fixed, it can cause impurities such as dust and oil to penetrate into the inside of the cover, affecting the locking performance of the components. Therefore, steel rivets with reliable force transmission, good plasticity, and toughness are used to fix the cover, which is not only durable but also extends its service life.





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