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How does the manufacturer detect the self-locking brake of the fall arrester

Time:2022-12-09 16:08:50 Click:115

As we all know, the fall arrester needs to be self locked before use, and the detection method is also very simple. Pull the wire rope of the fall arrester quickly to ensure that the brake self-locking can be formed within 20 cm. After the external force is removed, the wire rope can automatically retract to the initial state. This action can be put into use if it is repeated for more than three times without abnormality.

However, the safety self-locking detection before the fall arresters leave the factory is not so simple. If the fall arresters want to be put into the market, they must go through strict safety detection links, especially the detection of self-locking brake. The factory's detection method is to simulate the falling process of human weight, that is, the free fall test is carried out by wearing the fall arresters on human models within 150 kg, If the self-locking brake is formed within 20cm of the falling distance of the manikin, it means that the detection is passed.

If the falling distance of the manikin exceeds 20cm, the whole batch of fall arresters will be scrapped. This more realistic detection method of fall arresters can ensure the quality of products, and it is also the key to ensure the safety of workers working at heights.





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