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Strict height operations in rainy and windy weather

Time:2024-07-05 09:48:25 Click:153

The wind is one of the most dangerous weather elements that can affect workers at heights.

When it’s windy, height access equipment may not be stable. Meanwhile, wind gusts could cause workers to lose their footing and fall to the ground unless proper safety equipment is used.

Dust and debris flying around during windy weather could obscure the workers’ vision thus leading to mistakes and safety problems. During gale winds, large debris may move and cause serious injuries to workers at heights or kick them off their feet and send flying to the ground.

When it’s windy outside, other adverse weather conditions are likely to be present as well. For example, wind gusts could be part of a storm, which comes together with rain. Rain causes surfaces to become slippery thus increasing the risk of slip and fall accidents. Hail and lightning could also pose a danger to workers at heights. 





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