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Inspection Method for Speed Differential Hook

Time:2024-01-02 Click:103

When using the speed differential, in addition to checking the wear and breakage of the rope, what we also need is to check the safety of the hook. So, below, the editor will explain how to check the speed differential hook:

1. The use of the differential hook can be judged by its color. Initially, the hook presented a bright color, but if worn heavily, the color would darken.

2. Measure with a caliper and compare the hook with its original size after using it for a period of time. If the opening is large, the hook should be replaced in a timely manner.

3. When using the speed differential, it should not be overloaded to avoid the occurrence of falling accidents caused by bending and deformation of the hook. If the hook is deformed or twisted, it should be stopped from use and replaced.

The above is the inspection method for the hook of the speed differential. A warm reminder: the speed differential can be used in many places, so it is important to pay attention to proper usage during use.





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