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How to better use the speed differential

Time:2024-01-02 Click:190

A speed differential, also known as a speed differential, can quickly brake and lock a falling object within a limited distance. It is suitable for the lifting of goods, safety protection for high-altitude workers, bridge construction, ship transportation, and engineering construction, etc.

Before use, it is necessary to inspect and test the appearance of the safety rope and speed differential. If damage is found to the safety rope, it needs to be replaced, or if there are signs of compression and collision on the appearance of the speed differential, it needs to be stopped from use. When using the speed differential, it must be hung high and used low. When using it, it needs to be hung on a sturdy and blunt edged structure above the user. During use, the staff should pay attention to the tilt angle not exceeding 30 degrees, It is necessary to consider whether it will collide with surrounding objects above 30 degrees. Because the key components of the speed differential have been treated for wear and corrosion resistance, there is no need to add lubricant during use. At the same time, the safety rope of the speed differential cannot be used in knotted conditions and should be stored in a dry, ventilated and less sinking place after use.





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