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Quality inspection method for fall arresters

Time:2023-09-23 Click:193

The applicable population of fall arrest devices is very wide. Nowadays, almost all workers in workplaces with heights exceeding 2 meters are equipped with this fall arrest device. As people mostly purchase fall arrest devices through online shopping, we still need to conduct inspection after receiving the goods.

After receiving the anti fall device, you can follow the following steps for quality inspection:

1. Appearance inspection: Firstly, check whether the appearance of the fall arrester is intact and undamaged. Observe whether there are obvious damages, deformations, or cracks in the shell, connectors, wire ropes, and other parts.

2. Component inspection: Check all components of the anti fall device, including speed difference device, buffer device, connecting ring, buckle, etc. Ensure that their installation is firm, complete, and free from obvious wear, breakage, or looseness.

3. Operational testing: Conduct operational testing to verify the functionality and performance of the fall arrester. According to the user manual or relevant guidance, operate the anti fall device, test the deceleration effect of the speed difference device, and the impact absorption capacity of the buffer device. Ensure that the operation of the fall arrester is normal, sensitive, and able to work as expected.

4. Signs and certification: Check the signs and certification information on the fall arrester. The anti fall device should have the manufacturer's logo, model, production date, batch number, and other information. Ensure that this information is clearly visible and consistent with the product documentation. In addition, verify whether the fall arrester meets relevant safety standards and certification requirements.

5. Attached documents and accessories: Check the attached documents of the fall arrester, such as the user manual, quality assurance card, inspection report, etc. Ensure the completeness and accuracy of these documents. At the same time, check the integrity of the anti fall device accessories, such as lifting rings, connectors, etc., to ensure that the accessories are complete.

If any issues or quality defects are found with the fall arrester during the quality inspection process, the supplier should be immediately contacted to seek solutions, such as return, replacement, or repair. Ensure that the received fall arrester meets the expected quality requirements to ensure the safety and reliability of the staff.





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