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Whether the fall arrester can be disassembled for maintenance

Time:2023-01-02 Click:126

The fall arrestor is a protective tool for working at heights. Recently, a netizen asked about such a problem. If the fall arrestor fails, it can be disassembled and handled by itself. For example, if the wire rope retracts, it is stuck, and the self-locking is not sensitive, Guanhang does not recommend this operation.

We should understand that the internal components of the fall arrester are very precise. If it is not for professionals to understand the correct position and function of each component, it will bring great resistance to the maintenance of laymen, and other important components may be damaged during the maintenance process.

Our suggestion is to submit the failed arrester to a more professional maintenance department for inspection, and then carry out targeted maintenance after the inspection, so as to ensure the quality and safety of the fall arrester after maintenance.





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