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Guardian of the city's light

Time:2022-09-27 Click:164

In a city with millions of people, the roads are complex, and the number of street lamps is even more numerous. Almost every day, street lamps need to be repaired and replaced, which means that every day, there will be a number of hard working maintenance workers climbing on the light frame tens of meters high. This is a high-risk industry and an indispensable industry in a city. Their job is to maintain the traffic order at night in the city.

Street lamp maintenance workers need to be alert to the danger of falling from high altitude and the danger of electric shock during the whole operation. Although most of the street lamp maintenance uses aerial vehicles at present, for safety, each maintenance worker still needs to wear a fall protector and install another protection procedure to ensure maximum life safety. Insulating gloves are also essential protective equipment during operation, which can effectively isolate the power supply and prevent electric shock accidents.

It is the hard work of these high-altitude street lamp inspectors that makes our city more prosperous and orderly. At the same time, it is hoped that every street lamp repairman must wear a fall protector and insulating gloves to protect himself when working.





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