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How to Avoid Buying Poor Quality Fall Arrestors

Time:2023-10-05 15:02:27 Click:125

Falling protectors are related to a person's life safety, so the excellent workmanship of falling protectors is the greatest guarantee for life safety. When purchasing falling protectors, everyone must keep their eyes open and pay attention to observation. How can we avoid buying low-quality falling protectors?

1. When purchasing a fall arrest device, it is important to observe whether the device has a certificate of conformity, instructions, and anti-counterfeiting marks. If none of these are available, it is still not recommended for everyone to purchase.

2. Observe the surface of the anti fall device to see if there are any subtle signs of breakage, if the paint surface has fallen off, and if the cover has any signs of depression, rust, etc. These traces can bring safety hazards.

3. Looking at its production date, if it exceeds three years, even if it is not in use, its various parts will undergo a slow decay process, and its safety performance will definitely decrease. Therefore, it is not recommended to purchase this type of fall arrester.

4. Perform a pull test on the anti fall device. Quickly pull out the steel rope, and it can complete self-locking in a short period of time. After removing the load, the steel rope will automatically retract and restore its initial state before it can be considered qualified for testing. Otherwise, purchasing is prohibited.





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