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How to check the quality when purchasing fall arresters

Time:2022-11-02 Click:197

First of all, we should not only pay attention to the price when selecting fall arresters, which is likely to buy products that do not meet the national quality standards, and the safety performance will be greatly reduced at a low price. You can check the certificate of conformity or anti-counterfeit sign of the fall arrestor before purchasing to determine whether it is a regular product.

The fall arrester can prevent people from falling down against the internal self-locking system. If there is a problem with the self-locking system, it must not be purchased. The self-locking system of the fall arrester can be detected when purchasing, whether the locking function can be activated by quickly pulling the wire rope, and whether the wire rope can be automatically retracted after releasing. If everything is normal, you can purchase it.

Guanhang fall arresters are made in strict accordance with national standards, using excellent manufacturing technology, and have the advantages of corrosion resistance and high safety performance. They are high-quality products among many fall arresters. Life is only once, so the safety problem cannot be ignored. You must purchase qualified fall arresters to be responsible for your own life safety.





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