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How to check whether the internal structure of the fall arrester is stable

Time:2022-08-17 Click:166

Generally, there are two steps to check whether a fall arrester is intact. One is to check the cover of the fall arrester to see whether there are cracks, rust, deformation and other problems. The other is to carry out a pull test. A light pull can smoothly pull out the wire rope, quickly pull out the wire rope, complete the instantaneous self-locking, release the load and automatically return to the initial state. Through the above two tests, it can be concluded that the high-altitude fall arrester is in good condition.

In addition to the above two tests, it is recommended to shake it before use to judge whether there is looseness inside the high-altitude fall arrester. If the screw inside the high-altitude fall arrester is loose, and the structure of eccentric cam, pawl, ratchet wheel and other components is unstable, it will make a sound, and you can also feel the slight shaking inside, which indicates that the internal components are loose.

Before the detection of the high-altitude fall arrester, shake it to make sure that the components of the whole fall arrester are stable, and then proceed to the next step to avoid all potential safety hazards.





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